Episode 7

Published on:

7th Jun 2023

A Twist of Teenage Romance with Nicole Adair

In this episode YA novelist Nicole Adair joins J Ryan and Keira to talk about the twists and turns of teenage angst, the work of writing, and the unifying power of Taylor Swift. Nicole also discusses the purpose and importance of her social media posts, and the awesome yet terrifying world of independent publishing.

Episode highlights:

01:20                    What makes a YA novel “YA”?     

05:57                   Anatomy of a rivalry

07:20                   Character is King: Rivals Edition

15:25                    Welcome Nicole Adair   

18:38                    Discovering character development

23:39                   The Taylor Swift connection

26:57                   The Twist

31:30                    Write something every day

38:00                   Doing the work

41:10                    Write Nicole Write: Confessions of a YA author

46:07                   Independence and growth

51:52                    Why are indie rock stars cool?

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The Write Note is a podcast dedicated to independent authors who have a passion for writing, a love of storytelling, and an interest in the independent publishing process. It is hosted by 20-year indie author J Ryan Fenzel and his daughter, Keira F Jacobs, a newbie just getting started on the writer's road. Topic-of-the-month episodes focus on key elements of creative writing and storytelling through tips, tricks, picks, reviews and recommendations. Interview episodes delve into the writing life with indie authors and explore the path to book production with industry professionals. Each show begins with a segment called Character Is King, where the hosts each share a notable fictional character and break down why they're amazing creations. The Write Note is a monthly podcast, and episodes drop at 6:00AM on the first Wednesday of each month.

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J Ryan Fenzel

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J Ryan Fenzel is a Michigan author who blends the rich landscape and history of the Great Lakes region with engaging action & adventure storytelling to craft a unique brand of contemporary thriller. In 2006 his debut novel DESCENDING FROM DUTY received widespread acclaim and set the standard of well-balanced plot, action, and characterization that would become the hallmark of his follow-up titles INHERIT ALL THINGS and ALLIED IN IRONS. Fenzel's fourth novel, EQUAL MEASURE, solidified his position as a growing voice in the theatre of action and adventure. In addition to writing, Fenzel has owned and operated Ironcroft Publishing, an independent publishing proprietorship, for 17 years.
You can find him on Instagram @authorjryanfenzel and at his website www.jryanfenzel.com

Keira F. Jacobs

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Keira F. Jacobs is a ya fantasy author. Her debut novel, THE TESTIMONY OF BENDIGO FLETCHER, released Nov. 2022. She has a passion for creating stories that explore deeply rooted emotions and pens characters who are relatable and raw. Her faith in God pushes her to chase the dream He has set in her heart.
She loves to help other authors in their own journey and is passionate about supporting the author community.
You can find her on Instagram @keira.f.jacobs and on Tik Tok @authorkeira.f.jacobs